Return policy

You have prior of 14 days to be able to return the product without specifying a reason, starting on the day of receipt of the product. From the moment of announcing the return you have 14 days to physically return the product. The product can only be returned not used and, if possible, in the original packaging. The cost of returning the product are for the account of the customer.

We will credit the amount within 14 days. You can use the model return form.

Stokem pays back all payments done by the customer, including possible transport costs debited by Stokem for transporting the product to your home, within 14 days following the day of announcing the return by the customer. Unless Stokem offers to pick up the product, Stokem can wait with the repayment until Stokem has received the product or the customer can show that he has returned the product. Stokem uses the same payment method as used by the customer to return the money, unless the customer agrees with another payment method. The return payment is at zero cost for the customer. If the customer has chosen for a more expensive delivery method than the standard method, Stokem is not obligatory to pay for this more expensive method.