Nothing beats a nice warm fire when sitting outside with friends!

A wood stove creates warmth of course, but above all a nice cosy atmosphere. An atmosphere which you can enjoy by yourself or even better with friends or family.

  • ROBUST due to 100% stainless steel design
  • INTENSE fire with high temperatures
  • COOKING in your Stokem with a Dutch oven or a BBQ grill plate
  • SAFE by using a door with thick heat resistant glass
  • BEAUTIFUL sand-blasted matt finish
  • FASCINATING how the steel changes colour because of your personal burning behaviour
  • COMFORTABLE because no inconvenience of smoke due to door and long exhaust pipe
  • COSY together outside or under a porch

What is important for our customers…

‘Nothing beats  sitting around a nice warm fire on a winter night. With a group of friends or family, and a glass of wine. Or just by yourself, staring in the fire, looking at the playfulness of the flames. Making plans, overthinking things or just enjoying yourself.’

‘It actually already begins with chopping kindling wood from a nice piece of log. Every time it is an art to build up the fire in the correct way to then see the flame grow into a fierce, raging fire… ’

‘What the Beauty is of a fire? In a fire nature takes all it can get. Preferably I sit alone with a fire. Chilling, relaxing, reading or working. And don’t forget the meditating effect of the sound of a crackling fire.’

‘Fire is always great to look at. Slowly you can see the fire develop and wrap itself around the logs. With a wood stove the ultimate moment is when the flames exit the pipe at the top.’

‘The nice thing of a fire pit is that you can spend more time outside throughout the year and enjoy longer evenings in the summer. When it cools off outside you can sometimes watch the fog rise which stays away in a circle around the wood stove. Beautiful!’

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