Top quality with 5 year warranty.

The Stokem lifetime warranty concerns warranty during the technical lifetime of 5 years, starting from date of purchase.
The warranty consists of free repair or substitution of parts in case of material or construction failures. This means warranty on cracking of the material of the stove and the cracking of welds, provided that the enclosed fireplate has been used properly.

For the black coated stove 1 year warranty on adhesion of the paint under normal use conditions. Colour changes are excluded. Please take into account that all stoves decolour do to the heat. Decolourisation is not part of the warranty.

Damaged or wrong product.
At delivery, please check whether the product and its packaging has been delivered undamaged and complete. If not so, then please report to us as soon as possible, but ultimately within 48 hours after receival via WE would like to receive from you by email:
Order number
Pictures of the defect part or packaging.

These matters are excluded from warranty:
Unevenness, scratches, minimal colour differences.
Defects, originating from wrong / careless usage, or injudicious installation.
Colour changes and corrosion because of (extreme) weather conditions or injudicious use of chemical substances.
Corrosion as a result of contact with corroding substances:
Never let non-stainless steel get in touch with stainless steel for a longer period.
Chlorinated swimming pool water.
Use of the stove within 10 km from coastal area. Salty airborn particles make stainless steel to corrode.
Defects because of changes to the product, non-designated use, deliberate damage.
Defects, that arose from injudicious maintenance or repair. The exterior of the stove should be regularly cleaned with stainless steel cleaner. Dirt and dust can lead to corrosion.
Wear of the fireplate. The fireplate is meant to protect the stove and wear of the firplate is normal.
Damage due to direct fire on the bottom of the stove (without fireplate). Due to the extreme heat corrosion can occur.
Glass window damage.
Damage as a result of overturning. Make sure that your stove is secured at strong winds, or put it away from wind.
Warranty only applies for the first buyer, and is invalid at resale.
Businesslike use.
Shipping cost.