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Absolutely! The Stokem is the only wood burning stove with a glass door in which you can also cook. You have the possibility to prepare a delicious stove in a Dutch Oven which hangs inside the Stokem.

Another option is to use the BBQ grill grate. When the wood has turned into red glowing coles, you can easily prepare sausages or a nice burger.

Finally we have created a beautiful pizza oven, to mount in the Stokem, in which you can bake the best home-made pizzas!

We ship twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursdays. Delivery outside The Netherlands is shipped through DHL. Delivery time is usually between 3 to 7 workings days.

In the EU we charge 50 euro shipment cost for the stove and 15 euro for the accessories together.

For UK or CH we charge 85 euro shipment cost for the stove and 35 euro for the accessories together.

Yes, a Stokem can be used under a porch. But then you do need to connect the chimney to a double isolated pipe to go through the roof.

Together with a specialist partner we have created complete sets of stove with all required chimney material.

Check out all possibilities here

With wood fired stoves there is often coming smoke and sparks from the fire opening. People often do not like this because of the smell that sticks on you for a long time. Stokem has a door with special heat resistant glass which prevents the smoke coming out of the fire opening and directs all smoke to the chimney. The outlet of the chimney is at a height of 235 cm so it never bothers you. But, if you like the open fire when there is a lot of glowing charcoal you can simply open the door en enjoy that direct heat. It is up to you to decide.

In the door of every Stokem there is a smart air intake, above and below the window. Next to that the stove itself will expand with higher temperatures which also increases the airflow and thus the intensity of the fire. This is just right for a good whirling fire where you can see the flames dance.
But if you are starting up your fire OR you want to go for an intense fire with flames coming out of the chimney, then you need more air. For this purpose we have created the KickStarter mode which opens the door a little bit to create a whirling airflow that boosts every fire!

The chimney has a height 2,3 meters. A long chimney ensures a vacuum  to create a good airflow. Also you have no bother of the smoke coming out of the chimney at that height.

A good fire does not show visible smoke coming out of the chimney. The most important thing is to use good dry wood, with a humidity percentage lower than 20%. You can test that with a humidity measuring tool available in our shop.
Always start the fire with 3-4 fire lighters and dry kindling wood. When the fire is really going and the kindling wood is falling apart, then you can add a few thicker pieces of dry wood which you should stack in such a way that air can easily flow through.

Yes, all parts are made of robust stainless steel. They will last a very long time, even when always standing outside.

But to overcome the cold and wet seasons we have made a robust luxury cover for your Stokem, to offer optimal protection. see the link.

A Stokem has a big ash reservoir. So you do not need to clean it out often. But when you clean it you can use a spade (like in our shop) with which you can easily remove the ashes.

Yes, no maintenance is needed. The window will get some dark smoke residu on it, but that will disappear again when lighting up a good fire. If you want you can clean the Stokem on the outside with water and a ScotchBrite towel.

Stainless steel needs the contact with oxygen to remain rust free. Therefore it is important to keep the stove free of leaves.

That is no problem because there is a small hole in the bottom of your Stokem to let the water out.

The Stokem is made from stainless steel SS 316L and all bolts and nuts are made out of stainless steel SS 304. It is rust resistant in most conditions. Never the less, certain environmental influences (salty air, humid weather, fly-rust) can cause surface rust.
Fly-rust (surface rust) consists out of rust particles which come from the environment. It often feels rough and gives a brown surface. This can occur in industrialized areas or near railways.
This does not harm the wood stove in any way. If you want to you can clean it with water and a ScotchBrite towel.