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The Stokem garden fireplace is an ornament in the garden. The patina created by your firing is unique and belongs to you. Apart from the beautiful look, there is nothing nicer than sitting by your Stokem. Enjoy the warmth and cosiness of the fire. Occasionally you can also let your inner pyromaniac have its way. The thrill of a whirling fire is a delight!

DELIVERY TIME: Delivery within 10 working days

DELIVERY COST: Within the EU 50 euro for the Stokem and 15 euro for accessories together. Outside the EU 85 euro for the Stokem and 35 euro for accessories together.

 899,00 1.674,00
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  • 5 year warranty
Stokem Stoves
  • The most robust outdoor stove
  • Low emission burn



  • Completely made out of stainless steel which guarantees it will never rust through and has a long life expectancy.
  • The wood stove has a sturdy stand without play because of three robust legs.


  • Create a great stew with an optional Dutch Oven hanging inside your Stokem.
  • Make the best BBQ meals on the optional grill plate inside your Stokem.
  • Or bake a crusty pizza in the optional pizza oven.


  • Because the Stokem has a door with a smart airflow, you can switch between two modes:
    • Kickstarter mode for lighting the stove or creating a fierce fire with flames coming out of the pipe.
    • Comfort mode for enjoying the dancing flames and comfortable heat.
  • The door with window creates an efficient and clean burning process, gives a great view of the flames AND prevents smoke nuisance.
  • The Matt black heat resistant paint finish creates even more heat dispersion.
  • The smoke from the chimney exits at a 2,35 meters height so it does not bother anyone.
  • The redundant ashes can easily be removed because of the completely flat bottom.


  • The Matt edition is a sand -blasted stainless steel wood stove. The Stokem colors beautifully because of the heat which gives it its own personal touch!
  • The Black edition is spray painted, after sand blasting, in a heat resistant black paint.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

The tank is made out of SS316L to withstand the heat. All other metal including bolts and nuts are made out of stainless steel SS 304.
SS 304 is rust resistant in most conditions. Never the less, certain environmental influences (salty air, humid weather, fly-rust) can cause surface rust. This does not harm the wood stove in any way.
Fly-rust (surface rust) consists out of rust particles which come from the environment. It often feels rough and gives a brown surface. This can occur in industrialized areas or near railways.
The glass is Robax 4mm thick heat resistant glass.


2350 mm

Diameter stove

425 mm

Door opening

400 (high) x 300 (wide) mm

Fire bowl

Inclusive. Made from SS304. This fire bowl is placed on the bottom of the stove in which the wood is placed. The function of the bowl is to keep the extreme heat of the coals away from the outer skin of the stove. This way the skin encounters a lower thermal heat load and ensures a longer life expectancy.

BBQ Grill

Optional. Made from SS304. The BBQ grill can be used to joyfully grill some meat or fish when the wood has transferred to coals.

Dutch Oven

Optional. In the Dutch oven you can make a delicious stew while enjoying a fire. Including SS304 hanging hook to mount your Dutch Stove in your Stokem.

Technical information


A Stokem is made of the highest available steel grade stainless steel 316L. Stainless steel 316L is widely used in extreme conditions, for example on ocean-going vessels and oil rigs where the steel is constantly exposed to salt water. The charm of Stokem Matt is that it discolours under the influence of heat. So you create your own colour through your firing behaviour. That discolouration or patina is permanent and is fixed to the steel. Part of the discolouration is also that small brown spots may appear here and there on top of the stove. This is part of Stokem Matt, is not harmful and gives the stove its typical charm. The quality of the material remains intact and we are happy to give a long guarantee of 5 years.