become a Stokem ambassador

We, at Stokem, have tried our best to create a high quality wood burning stove which brings a great atmosphere in your garden. We want our customers to be happy. And happy customers are our best ambassadors.

What is an ambassador?

The purchase of a Stokem is of course an investment that you want to have witnessed live. Is there a better place to do that then at an excited Stokem customer? At a real ambassadors own home! A Stokem ambassador is happy to share his experiences with potential customers.

What is expected of an ambassador?

A potential customer can mail an ambassador to make an appointment for a visit at the ambassadors home. The ambassador can then demonstrate his Stokem and share his own honest experiences about us. That’s it.

What is the benefit of becoming an ambassador?

First of all it is great to share your enthusiasm. Next to that ambassadors receive a compensation for receiving the potential customer and spending their time with them. When a potential customer afterwards decides to order a Stokem, then the ambassador receives 10% of the nett sales of the stove in cash (accessories and other articles are excluded). This means that the ambassador will have earned his Stokem back after 10 successful demonstrations.

How do you become an ambassador?

After purchasing a Stokem you can become an ambassador. You apply through the below button with your name, postal code and email. Then you receive your ambassador couponcode and a Stokem mail address. Then you appear on the location map as ambassador so potential customers can find an ambassador in their area. Of course the exact address can not be found and because of the Stokem mail address you stay completely anonymous until you decide to respond to a potential customer.

How does Stokem know that a new customer has visited you, as ambassador, first?

When a potential customers visits you, you give him your coupon code. When he decided to purchase a Stokem en enters the coupon code, he receives a pair of gloves or a carrying handle with a value of 29,95 euro for free. Through the coupon code we at Stokem recognize that the customer has visited you first. At the end of the month the 10% compensation is paid to the active ambassadors of that month.


Apply as an ambassador through the button below! We welcome you as ambassador!

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