About Stokem

We are Stokem. Gidy and Arno. Both living in Brabant, The Netherlands and love being outside. Whether it's working, exercising or relaxing, being outside makes you feel better. With Stokem we have been able to combine our passion with work. Developing products, producing them and selling them. Creating products that people love and which energize them. Products that we support and believe in and, of course, we also use ourselves. Chop the wood, stack it and ... STOKEM

What must a product meet so that we can support it? It’s a question we asked ourselves regularly when we started development in 2018. We are all at an important moment right now. If we continue as we have been doing, there will be no attractive world left for our children. Everyone’s actions are important, no matter how small. All initiatives are small steps and if everyone does that, we will make big steps together. This is how we also contribute with Stokem.

A product causes the least pollution if it lasts for a very long time. Not a throw-away society, but sustainable quality products that can be repaired and thus last a very long time. Yes, they are more expensive. But calculated over the entire lifespan much cheaper than disposable products!

In addition, it is important that a product can be easily and completely recycled at the end of its lifespan, so that the material can be used for a subsequent product.

Finally, the challenge is to keep production as local as possible so that energy for transport all over the world is minimized.

We believe in this and we stand by it.

Arno & Gidy

RVS tuinhaard