Small oak hardwood cabinet


Oven dried Oak wood in a small cabinet. 1 cubic meter wood, firmly stacked, 500 Kg.

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Oak is a hardwood species. It burns long and slow and must therefore be well dried. Oak is best lit with kindling and firelighters (Swiss method of lighting). Of the well-known types of wood available in the Netherlands, oak burns longest. A disadvantage of oak is that it does not produce as beautiful a flame pattern as other types of wood. Oak wood also has a higher proportion of tannin in its bark, which can lead to creosote deposits in the stove pipe (this happens especially when the wood is not properly dry). The oak wood we supply is guaranteed to be kiln-dried. The oak pieces are normally split, about 25cm in length. Oak firewood works best when using at least 3 blocks of firewood at a time in your Stokem. All blocks are mould and pest free. The delivery of the oak wood takes place in a wooden crate in which the wood is tightly stacked. Unfortunately, the crate cannot be returned. Our customers often use the crate as kindling afterwards.

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Article number 1001
Weight 500
Power ± 4.3 kWh/kg. 2200 kWh/Stére
Dimension pallet ca. 120 * 85 * 110
Content ca. 1 nett stacked cube
Supply One way pallet
FSC® of PEFC Possible
Certification SGS checked
EAN code 8718164720307
Directly usable Yes
Oven dried Yes
Moisture Maximally 18%
Diameter Between ca. 6 cm. and 15 cm.

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