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Stokem under your porch

Of course you want a stainless steel wood burning stove under your porch. With a Stokem that is no problem. All variants of porches with all possibilities of going through them or around them are possible. We have created complete kits of stove and materials. All you need to do is order them, install them and…Stokem.

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Stokem under your porch

Placing a Stokem under neath you porch is not difficult at all! On this page the matching set is determined based on three simple questions:

  1. What colour stove doe you choose? Black or Matt
  2. What kind of porch do you have and how do you want to go through it? See below for all available options.
  3. If your Stokem is close to a wooden wall then you can choose for a heat shield. This is a stainless steel plate which you mount against the wall. The your Stokem can be placed 25 cm from the wall in stead of 50 cm.

1: What color Stokem and chimney material do you choose? Matt or Black. The color applies to both the stove and the chimney material. The black piping is ceramically coated.



2: What roof transit fits your situation? Look at the below drawings and determine which one fits your situation. Only the Matt variants are shown. If you have chosen the Black variant then both Stove and piping material; will be delivered in black.

Slanted roof

Diagonally out from under the porch

Flat roof

Right along the porch

Slanted tile roof

Flexible transit for special roofs such as tile sheets, corrugated sheets or sheet piles.

Without roof terminal, for roofs that fall outside the limits described here. You buy a Stokem with an adapter flange. This is a short pipe with a diameter exactly fitting the standard size 125mm pipe. Contact Heatingworld (or any other supplier) directly to configure and buy the required piping setup. Stokem then only delivers the stove with adapter flange.

3: With or without heat shield? By mounting a matte unpainted stainless steel plate against the wall, your Stokem can be placed closer against the wall.:

Without heat shield, > 50 cm distance required. With heat shield, > 25 cm distance required

The heat shield has 6 pre-drilled holes. We advise to mount it against the wall with rings behind the plate. This enables air to travel between the plate and the wall. This increases the insulation even better.


Of course there are certain maximum dimensions for which the kits are applicable. The height of the porch can not be higher than 300 cm underside of the roof. The pitch of the roof needs to be between 15 and 35 degrees.

In case your situation falls outside these dimensions you can choose for the Stokem with adaptor. You will then only receive a Matt or black Stokem with matching adaptor which is placed on the flange in stead of the normal chimney. This adaptor fits all standard available chimney material with diameter 125 mm. From there you can source and buy everything you need for your specific situation.


The Stokem and heat shield are sent from Stokem. The chimney set is sent from our partner HeatingWorld.nl. For questions concerning the pipe sets or how to install them you can contact our partner HeatingWorld during office hours: info@heatingworld.nl or call +31 85 7326809


Stokem does not have the installation service. You have to arrange this yourself. We advise to hire a professional with knowledge and experience in building porches.

With a Stokem you always have a solution!