Pizza oven


Making the most delicious wood oven pizza’s in your Stokem is now possible! Cover your pizza yourself with tomatoes, cheese and salami, baking it a few minutes in your wood fired Pizza oven and then…enjoy.

The Stokem pizza oven is designed in such a way that the flames enter the pizza oven from the rear, flow over your pizza and exit through the front and up again to the chimney. This creates lovely crispy toppings and melted cheese while the pizza dough is seared on the pizza stone. All balanced for a perfect result. Nice crispy pizza.

Making the perfect pizza does take some practice, but then you can constantly create the most delicious wood oven pizza’s!

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The entire pizza oven is made form stainless steel, just like everything else on your Stokem. Same quality level throughout. The pizza stone is a good quality ceramic, suitable for the high temperatures.

This special for the Stokem designed pizza oven can be mounted in Stokems model year 2021 (recognizable by the T-shaped door handle). 3 supports are already prepared on which the pizza oven can easily be mounted and removed again.

Pizza Oven Manual Stokem EN v1

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