Stokem BBQ grill


Absolutly BBQ’ing like the French do. First creating a great wood fire to start the BBQ when the wood has transferred into coals. You can do that now with your Stokem!

Standard there are 4 supports in your Stokem on which this, especially made for Stokem, grill can be mounted. On this grill you can cook your sauscicces, burgers, meat, fish or other delicious meals.

We advise to also order the Stokem cooking grip te be able to easily place- and remove the grill from your Stokem.

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Stokem Stoves
  • The most robust outdoor stove
  • Low emission burn


This Stokem BBQ grill is made especially for Stokem. Like all accessories completely made out of stainless steel. This grill fits your Stokem perfectly and you can start creating delicious grill plates.


  • Material SS304
  • Diameter: Ø 42 cm

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